20 Male Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Surgery 

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Going under the knife seems to be quite ordinary among celebrities, mostly for the sake of looking good and looking young. But surgery rumors are often attached to female celebrities, which is why male celebrities who did decide to go under the knife are usually not detected right away. Here are some of the male celebrities who had surgery without anyone paying much attention to it.


DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSONVia lookdamngood.com

If you think a tough pro wrestler like The Rock would not have dared to go under the knife, then you’re wrong. Even looking at him now, you won’t notice any sign of plastic surgery at all. However, that is probably because he did not have anything done to his face. The surgery was instead focused on his chest. He used to have excess fat buildup in this part of his anatomy which could not be removed by working out, so he had liposuction.


STEVEN TYLERVia plasticsurgeryindex.com

Everyone knows the lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith. He is now one of the icons in the music industry, yet it has not changed him from being the open guy that he is. So when someone asked him about those plastic surgery rumors, he owned up to getting a facelift and Botox injections. He said that he needed the surgeries to prevent his face, and probably its wrinkles, to be the only thing about him that people will talk about. The good news is that the surgeons did a good job on his face and did it so subtly.

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