Magic Johnson’s Openly Gay Son Offered To Mentor LeBron’s Sons In Los Angeles (Should He Let Him Do It?)

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FEUD ALERT! This just in: Magic Johnson’s son, the fabulous EJ Johnson, has offered to “mentor” Lebron James’ kids while they are in Los Angeles. What he means by “mentor” is unclear, but it would appear from early reports that he is willing to do…anything. Who knows?! Maybe Lebron’s kids could use some basketball tips on how to handle the balls?

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Seriously, just in terms of basketball and sports, Magic Johnson clearly has a lot of experience to draw upon and it stands to reason that his son EJ would to after growing up with Magic and getting lessons and advice from him. So it only stands to reason that when it comes to insider basketball terms like “backdoor,” “man-to-man,” and “three in the key,” EJ may be a great resource for Lebron’s boys.

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