Love and Hip Hop Star Tommie Fired For Threatening To ‘Shoot’ Show Staffer (Caught On Tape)

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On a recent episode of L&HH, we found out about Tommie Lee being dismissed from the show.  There had been speculation this was the case for a few months – but after her drunken behavior crossed a line the producers confirmed she had been forced off the show.


No one should be shocked that her drunken behavior is a cause for a concern as Tommie has quite the reputation on the show.  She’s been known to be not only physically violent but also loud and obnoxious – often provoking her housemates.  But her housemates aren’t the only ones she has a reputation with….

She’s no stranger to the police either.  Afterall, when your favorite past times are assault and intoxication – you can expect to have a long rap sheet.  Tommie’s proves exactly how confrontational she is.

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