The Location of Acne On Your Body Could Explain Why You Break Out

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Acne is such a bother when it decides to rear its ugly head. The beauty industry sells us so many salves, creams, and solutions but where it all starts is the inside. It all has to do with your diet, lifestyle, and can be an indicator of underlying conditions. Thanks to studies, we can tell the general problems depending on where our lovely friend, Acne, decides to show.

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Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink- for the forehead that is! Acne appearing on the forehead is a good indicator that you need more H20 in your life to flush out the toxins that make a party of pimples for all to see. Either drink some more water or get some bangs asap.

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The nose which is the central part of your “T-Zone” is heavily connected to your liver. Any acne around the T Zone is a good indicator that there might be some liver dysfunction going on. What does liver have a fun time processing?? Alcohol! So if you had an all-night rager the other night you might have some pimples as party favors.

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