Lil Uzi Admits He Makes Music For ‘Satan’ Tells His Fans You’re All Going To Hell With Me!

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Lil Uzi Vert just went PUBLIC with a truly bizarre and disturbingly heartfelt statement he made at a recent concert. He said he WORSHIPS THE DEVIL AND MAKES MUSIC FOR SATAN. That’s right; Lil Uzi has confirmed what initially seemed to be some pretty silly rumors that his music is Satanic or contains Satanic messages. True, indeed…

How weird is this, you guys? Is this any way for the man to behave after he’s finally gotten his “big break” so to speak? So many rappers struggle for years – DECADES EVEN – to get the type of attention and notoriety that Lil Uzi scored so early with “XO Tour Llif3.” The rapper has so much potential and has been able to enjoy a pretty illustrious, lucrative career SO EARLY in his trajectory!

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