L&HH’s Bri Taylor Reveals: ‘Cyndi Lauper’s Son Beat Me & Called Me a Black B*tch!’ (Full Details)

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When you think of Cyndi Lauper, you think of ONE THING. Her racist, domestically abusive rapper son who wears a backwards fitted. Just kidding; there is no way you think of that because that is insane and wut. But NONETHELESS, you won’t believe it when you find out about CYNDI LAUPER’S SON THAT SHE HIDES AWAY FROM THE WORLD BECAUSE SHE IS ASHAMED?

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I don’t know, but we would be. Apparently this sh*thead of a son dated Bri Taylor (YES, FROM LOVE & HIP HOP) for a couple months and all was supposedly fine and dandy. BUT THEN Bri decided to call it off and break up. AND THAT’S WHEN THINGS GOT UGLY AND BRI HAD TO FIGHT FOR HER LIFE.

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