Insider Leaks Tea ‘Lebron James may have a SECRET baby’ Just Like Drake

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Lebron James is back in the baby daddy spotlight.  Recently, allegations have resurfaced about the paternity of Sharon Reed’s child.  And someone very close to the family is pointing the finger at Lebron himself.

A few years ago a reporter in Cleveland was pregnant and never revealed who the father was.  That reporter was Sharon Reed.  Details and proof that Reed’s child belongs to the James’ family is scheduled to come out with the release of a book written by Lebron’s mother’s ex boyfriend.

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Gloria James’ ex-boyfriend is a little known rapper from Miami who calls himself  “Da Real Lambo”- and since their breakup he seems to be seeking vengeance in the worst kind of way.  Some sources reported that the James’ family are trying to silence him and keep having his social media accounts shut down.

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