Kirk Frost From Love & Hip Hop is Having Another Baby – Meet His New Baby’s Mamma (Exclusive Pics)

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The Lil boss man Karter was at work today 🤣

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PHEW, Kirk Frost from Love & Hip Hop done made another one, people! Looks like his last baby with his side-piece was just a brief detour. It hasn’t discouraged Kirk from getting another woman pregnant AND YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHO IT IS THIS TIME.

Nap time 😴

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After all their on-air drama, some were speculating that Kirk and his wife Rasheeda were bound to break up. ESPECIALLY when the paternity test proved that HE WAS THE TRUE FATHER of a baby with Jasmine Washington. That led to Jasmine getting more screen-time on the show EVEN THOUGH SHE SAYS KIRK IS STILL NOT PRESENT IN THE BABY’S LIFE.

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