Kim “I Can Do It Better” Kardashian Throws Shade At Beyoncé In Her New Nude Selfies Covered In Glitter? (Didn’t She Steal This Idea From Bey?)

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What is there left to say about Kim Kardashian at this point? The famous-for-being-famous reality TV mogul somehow always manages to get herself in the media despite the media over saturation.


Perhaps that ability to make everyone talk about her then turn that buzz into money is why she’s been so successful in the over ten years she’s graced our TV. Most reality stars are lucky to get a full 15 minutes of fame but Kim K has turned hers into at least 15 years.

Daily Mail

Part of her success is due to her ability to use social media and controversy to her advantage. She’s been consistently accused of copying primarily African-American stars and her family with Kanye is frequently compared to the Carter family of Beyonce and Jay-Z. She recently combined a new business venture with her trademark controversy yet again.

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