Katt Williams Waves Gun During Road Rage Argument and Warns ‘I’m Not XXXTENTACION’!

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Some are speculating that he may be a fan of the recently deceased rapper’s music and the loss of X hit him especially hard. Perhaps he’s been coping with…shall we say, substances…and maybe he got behind the wheel of a car when he shouldn’t have?!?! Scary stuff…


The traffic incident is not as clear-cut as it seems, though. Apparently, two THUGS approached Katt as he was sitting in traffic. For whatever reason, they started WAVING STACKS OF MONEY AROUND and TRYING TO INCITE Katt by calling him broke! HOW YOU GON’ TELL A WORLD-FAMOUS COMEDIAN IN A BRAND-SPANKIN’-NEW 350K ROLLS ROYCE THAT HE BROKE?!

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