K Michelle Reveals Her Scars and That Doctors Removed 25lbs of Butt Implants

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YA’LL; K MICHELLE’S BUTT SURGERY SAGA IS STILL NOT OVER. This latest news is the biggest curveball yet. Only thing bigger is…well, WAS…that booty! That’s right; apparently she’s gone back down in booty size after all the excruciating work she’s had done over the past couple years! Were the implants a waste of money?!…

We hope she’s not kicking herself for forking out all the money she has to make her booty even bigger than it originally was, but we can’t help but think she may have had some regrets. She just recently posted some images to social media of the latest work she had done and her butt looks SMALLER than ever! And the doctors left scars…

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