Here’s how celebrities would look if they weren’t rich And famous. #7 is hilarious

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What if there was a parallel universe and celebrities that we know now actually weren’t famous at all and were just normal, every day citizens like us? Well, NY artist Danny Evans decided to explore that concept with his “Celebrity Make-Unders” by editing photos of celebrities to make them appear to fit into a normal, every day world.

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So who is this you say? Jennifer Anniston! We know, we know! It took us a second too. Danny replaced Jennifer’s golden locks with a bob haircut and apparently Jennifer would be a crazy cat lady instead of having to listen to Phebe’s “Smelly Cat” over and over again.

Real Cool Videos

Oh my! Somebody hide the rum…and cheeseburgers! Apparently Johnny Depp would be lacking motivation in the fitness department. It looks like normal, everyday Johnny is not a fan of showers at all but most likely can be seen at your local dive bar’s heavy metal show. 

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