God Forbid You’re Ever In A Sinking Car, Do This To Survive. I Had No Idea!

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We can’t imagine the panic we would have if we ever found ourselves sinking in a car. But to equip ourselves with the knowledge needed, we could be a bit calmer. If you have a plan- you have a ground for your mind to rest on and that plan is the ground for saving your and potentially your loved ones’ lives.

China Daily

During a Houston flooding, a surveillance video caught a chilling video of a woman being caught in a sinking car. She was not able to escape and her story is one that reminds us that life is precious and we should equip ourselves with the knowledge necessary to prevent situations like this happening more.

Stories like this always chill our hearts and wish that we could have done something. The best way to take such a sad story as this Houston woman is to equip yourselves with the knowledge to escape so that her story doesn’t have to be repeated.

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