20 Gay Celebrities Who Were Once Married To The Opposite Sex

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Admitting to the whole world that you are anything but straight is as hard as you’d imagine it to be. This may no longer be as much of a big deal now as it was before, but celebrities in the past were keen on covering up their homosexuality before by marrying the opposite sex. Check out these celebrities who used to have opposite-sex spouses, but eventually came out to free themselves.




Peter Marc Jacobson is one committed man after his marriage to a woman, Fran Drescher, lasted for 21 years. He met his then-wife in high school and got married in 1978. He said that he stopped his true self from coming out and from being attracted to men most of his life, turning him into an angry and controlling man. This change eventually broke his marriage, although Peter and Fran are still close friends, so much so that they even set each other up with men.

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