Future Stranded A Thot After He Flew Her Out And She Refused To Let Him ‘Smash’ (We’ve Got Text Receipts)

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Yo, nothin’ breaks my heart worse than a stranded THOT. And that’s exactly what Future got a lotta folks seein’ right now because HE JUST FLEW A THOT OUT TO A HOTEL IN L.A. AND THEN HAD HER THROWN OUT WHEN SHE WOULDN’T GIVE UP THE GOODS. WTH?!


Yep, we’ve got the text receipts to prove that Future flew this girl out to Los Angeles, put her up in a hotel room, and then straight ditched her and left her to figure out her own way home when she wouldn’t have sex with him. Lord, in 2018 America no less…who does Future think he is?!

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