Future Is a Savage! The Rapper Just Stole Another Girl From Bow Wow (Steamy Pics Of Future & Kiyomi)

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WELL, WELL, WELL, YA’LL; IT LOOKS LIKE FUTURE MAY HAVE DONE IT AGAIN. The popular rapper must be going for a three-fer when it comes to stealing Bow Wow’s girls. You may already know that Future originally stole Ciara from Bow Wow, but it didn’t end there!


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Nope, one of Future’s latest baby mama’s, Joie Chavis, was also recently associated with being Bow Wow’s main chick – that is until she got chosen by Future and verifiably knocked up as well. THAT is a whole other ball of wax and we reported a couple weeks ago about Joie coming out and saying she was Future’s ONE AND ONLY.

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