Floyd “Money” Mayweather just dropped $1 million dollars on his new diamond-encrusted iPod – The headphones alone cost $50K! (Full receipts inside)

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Who doesn’t love to sparkle, especially if it’s thanks to diamonds? While most of us would gloat over a big diamond ring, A-list celebrities like Floyd Mayweather can afford to take it to the next level.


Born as Floyd Joy Sinclair, 44 year old Mayweather first gained fame as a talented boxer and is now a professional promoter for the sport. Many consider him the best defensive boxer of all time. All his success has resulted in him being able to pack a different kind of punch, namely, the shiny, expensive kind!


Estimated by Forbes to have a current net worth of $740 million dollars, Mayweather is quickly approaching billionaire status. Which means he has all kinds of disposable income to spend on luxury items most of us will only ever see in our fantasies. 

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