Floyd Mayweather Has A Hot New Celebrity Girlfriend And He’s Treating Her To The Billionaire Lifestyle

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Undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather won his last match before retiring. He battled it out against Conor McGregor, an Irish MMA fighter. And now it looks like Floyd Mayweather is moving on to his love life.

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After wrapping up his 50th undefeated boxing match, Floyd Mayweather, rumored to be a spousal abuser, went on to find a new lady. We hope those rumors of abuse are not true–or at least inaccurate.

MMA Junkie

Floyd Mayweather as a better reputation in the ring than outside of it. Some call him the best defensive boxer in history. Being that good of a fighter will mean a lot of intense workouts. Click next to read more about Floyd Mayweather.


And intense workouts yield a great body. It makes sense that, despite the abuse rumors, some women would flock to Floyd Mayweather.

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