Famous Movies That Featured Real Intercourse Scenes

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Your favorite movie with that steamy scene between your two favorite actors? It isn’t real. Producers use stunt doubles and not-so-revealing angles to make it appear some real action is happening under those sheets. I mean, what do you call a movie with real sex..? Porn. Straight up, uncensored, porn that you find deep in the internet. The thing is some movies DO have real sex and aren’t considered porn. You probably won’t be able to find these movies on your favorite porn site, but you can find them at your movie store!


Directly from the French which harbors the city of love and romance came this drama which revolves around a film student who engaged with other members of the cast in the movie. Look out for the threesomes and twosomes in this 2 hour long movie.

Culture hook

Going back to the late 70’s this erotic film was best known for the masses of moviegoers that fled the theaters from the mass amounts of uncensored sex on the big screen! For those that didn’t flee the scene, though, they were captivated by the intermixing of sex and story line.

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