20 Outrageously Expensive Plastic Surgeries On Celebrities

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Celebrities are known for their looks and talent, the source of their fame and wealth. It’s no wonder then that they try their best to keep themselves looking good and looking young and many of them don’t go about it the natural way. Given the demand for celebrities to appear perfect, it is understandable why many of them resort to plastic surgery. However, the celebrities on this list might be overdoing it a little by spending too much on getting work done on their face or their body. But are the results worth every dollar spent on the painful and risky procedures?



You take one look at her face and you’d ask just where all the money went if she came out of the operating room looking like this? But for the American socialite, the surgeons did everything right. She said that she always wanted to look like a cat and she somehow creepily copied a feline’s appearance. She even insisted that her husband wanted this look, although it was later revealed that he specified that Jocelyn be not allowed to use his money, in the event of a divorce, on cosmetic surgery.

2. DEMI MOORE – $500,000

DEMI MOOREVia gossipmagazines.net

Unlike Wildenstein, it looked like Demi Moore’s plastic surgery paid off. She might have dealt with bad surgeries before, but her appearance now seemed to be satisfying her and the public. Demi has also insisted that her plastic surgeries only served to boost her career. However, we wanted to argue that with her talent, there is no doubt that she will still have a spot in Hollywood.

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