Jermaine Dupri recalls the time ‘Biggie pulled the strap out’ on Lil’ Kim during a studio session (BIG was pissed!)

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Hip-hop artist Jermaine Dupri recently spilled the beans on a startling story during an interview with the Drink Champs team at Revolt TV. In the interview he covered career highlights and some behind the scenes stories of which one stands out.

Jermaine opened up about a time when he was a young one in the studio with Usher, Biggie Smalls, and Lil’ Kim. What went down makes you ask why was anyone okay with this?


Lil’ Kim and Biggie apparently had it out over a verse and Biggie wasn’t having it. Jermaine told the Drink Champs team: Me and Usher was just, you know, we was there, young, watching what was going on and B.I.G. pulled the strap out on her. To just let her know that he was gonna kill her. Kim was upset and really couldn’t do the verse.

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