20 Epic Photobombs By Celebrities

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Photobombs have become one of the most popular practical jokes today that even celebrities could not pass an opportunity to photobomb fellow celebrities or regular people. They are definitely in on the craze and some of their most hilarious photobombs are in this list.

1. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is an award-winning actor and filmmaker, but he is probably honing another skill right now – photobombing. Here he is with one of the most epic and viral photobombs in the world of photobombs. He saw this boy sleeping his drunkenness off at a table when Tom Hanks decided to make his night a memorable one. He used the poor boy’s phone and posed for pictures while laughing and pointing at the passed out victim. You can only imagine just how much the boy would have regretted after checking his phone for not being awake and alert that fateful night.

2. Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz


When Cameron Diaz came on as a guest on his show, Jimmy Fallon decided that they should team up to photobomb tourists at New York’s world-famous Rockefeller Center. While the tourists smile for the cameras, Fallon and Diaz would sneak up in the back and pull off funny faces and poses. They definitely had fun planning on strange ways to make their photobombing more epic with each holidaymaker’s picture. This one of Diaz piggybacking on Fallon is one of the top picks among their slew of photobombs.

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