Most Disturbing Tattoo Cover-Ups That Can Make You Cringe

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Whether inspired by misplaced sentimentality, booze or just general poor taste, bad tattoos are commonplace. Even more cringeworthy than a bad tattoo is a bad coverup. Once you’ve reached that point, you better hope tattoo removal technology makes leaps and bounds before your death or go to your grave looking like one of the people on our list.


Although poorly executed, the original tattoo is fairly small and could be covered up well by a talented artist. Sadly the huge cover up is worse as it seems to depict an anatomically incorrect demon baby named Mufc suspended in water.


This is the first tattoo of many on our list that should serve as a warning against 2 of the biggest tattoo don’t: 1. getting a partner’s name 2. being cheap. While the original at least has some trashy charm, the cover up makes no sense.

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