Would You Know These 20 Celebrities If You See Them Without Makeup? 

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Celebrities are always fully made up in front of the camera, so you tend to forget that they are real people too, who also need to remove their makeup after a long day at work. It is easier to imagine these stars with their perfectly shaped brows, gorgeous lips, and smooth skin. However, makeup can certainly do wonders as it can easily cover flaws, allowing celebrities to transform into their good looking selves. But would you recognize these celebrities even if they don’t have a touch of makeup on?

KATY PERRYVia pophitz.com



Katy Perry looks great and sings great. She has a flair for colorful, and sometimes daring, costumes, helping her establish a bombshell image. However, she looks totally different without makeup and colorful wigs on. When you see her bare and wearing baggy pants, she’d look exactly like how a regular Jane looks. But once makeup does its magic, she immediately turns into the singing superstar that we know her to be.

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