20 Celebrities Who Came Out As Bisexual

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Sexuality is an issue among ordinary folks and an even bigger issue among celebrities whose lives are usually open to the public. But as more and more people have embraced all sexualities, even Hollywood seemed to have opened its arms to celebrities, regardless of their sexuality. Here are few of them who have openly admitted to falling in love with anyone without caring about gender.

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie


Angie has never been the type to fit in with the norm and so is her sexuality, which she has always been open about. She has admitted that she is attracted to both men and women, having had girlfriends in the past, although she is now married to one of the hottest men in Hollywood, Brad Pitt. But before settling down with Brad and being a mom to their brood of six, she has had fun with male and female celebrities and models.

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