17 Celebrities Who Have Aged Terribly

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Celebrities often give off the impression of being able to hold onto their looks far better than regular folks. They have access to wealth and other resources that can make them younger than their ordinary peers. However, the celebrities on this list were quite unsuccessful in holding off the years, and other factors, from taking a toll on their appearance. Check out how they aged so badly compared to other celebrities their age.


MACAULAY CULKINVia pinterest.com

The Home Alone actor stole everyone’s heart for his annoying yet clever role as the Kevin McCallister, the kid who was accidentally left behind for his family throughout the holiday season. He grew up and lost his career during his teenage years. In 2014, he started touring with his rock band Pizza Underground. In March 2016, he was spotted filming The Jim Gaffigan Show in New York City. His role is said to be a fictionalized version of himself, according to Fox.

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