Cardi B Is Dangerously In Love – Did Y’all See What She Bought Her Man Offset For His Birthday/Christmas? (Is She In Too Deep?)

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Cardi B’s rise to the top is the rags-to-riches story for the digital era. The Bronx native has made her name and fortune in the public eye thanks to her playful yet aggressive personality, good looks and social media.


While life hasn’t always been easy for Cardi, she certainly has figured out how to enjoy her fortune now that she has it. And she isn’t just showering herself with luxurious goods like Louboutin’s famous red-bottom heels.


Cardi seems like a very warm, generous person to those in her inner circle. She’s famously rapped about helping her mom now that she can afford to, but it seems Cardi is also one to spoil her boyfriends.

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