Beyonce Nearly Killed In Stage ‘Stunt’ Malfunction – Rescued By Fire Department (Video)

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YOU ALL – BEYONCE ALMOST DIED LITERALLY JUST LAST NIGHT! SMH…for real! And this was so easily avoidable! The details are embarrassing to say the least but we’re just glad that Bey escaped the whole ordeal alive! Seriously, it was a pretty close call and it happened during her concert last night in Warsaw, Poland. Read on for the details…

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It appears that there was a SERIOUS MALFUNCTION with some technical equipment. One of the main stage stunts that comprises her current show involves a “flying” mini-stage that makes for a VERY cool visual! Bey has even done it before – she simply gets on the mini-stage and it “flies” her around the stage making it appear as if Bey is levitating from sheer bada$$ery.

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