Beyonce Finally Reveals Her Twins Up Close To The World And They Look Just Like Her! (Exclusive Pics)

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I hope you’re ready to melt, ladies and gentlemen! BEYONCE HAS UNVEILED THE TWINS AND WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT HER RACK. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT 2 REAL LIVE HUMAN BABIES THAT ARE THE PROGENY OF BEY AND JAY AND ARE SO ADORABLE YOU’RE GONNA PUKE ON A LOVED ONE. Seriously, these twin babies are so cute they make other cute babies look like garbage.


Many of you may know that Bey and Jay are currently on their On The Run II Tour. The shows have been off to an amazing start – no surprises there. But the crowd got a very pleasant surprise at the kickoff show in Cardiff when they shared pictures of the two of themselves holding some painfully cute twins. The photos are quite moving and they really give you an insight into the family dynamic and rich cultural traditions that this POWER COUPLE has so much respect for.

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