ATL Housewife Phaedra Gets Re-Hired – and Producers Gave Her Her Peach Back! (Full Details)

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Phaedra is BACK, ya’ll! And in a BIG way. Not only is she returning for the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she’s EVEN got her peach back! This bombshell news just dropped yesterday. So far her fate as to the new season was UP IN THE AIR and fans had no idea if she’d even be back on the show at all!

They say this is a #big #rich town so let’s #toast it up @lala #Power ✊🏾

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But it looks like business negotiations went well and Phaedra can still command the viewership that demands the big bucks as well. Insiders are claiming that the show was afraid to lose her as they are well aware she is a MAJOR REASON for folks continuing to tune in. Gotta love the drama…

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