20 Amusing Celeb Childhood Photos You Should See

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There are always two kinds of childhood photos that everyone has—those we happily show friends and those we hide in old dusty family albums—because we look funny in them. Even celebrities have the good-only-for-hiding childhood photos that they’d rather keep secret and photos they look good in, but amusing nonetheless. See if you can recognize these celebs in their amusing childhood photos.



She got started singing in a church choir. But earlier as a toddler, her parents already saw her talent in singing and immediately helped her hone it, first by turning their basement into Avril’s studio. The support continued through schooling and went on when she was singing in a choir and even the time she was already into country song writing. Then she signed up with Arista Records in 2000 at the young age of 16. Her skater-girl look and her combo of punk, rock, and a rebellious style appealed to teenagers worldwide, making her first album Let Go a success.



Just look at the famous gap between her two front teeth. She’s always been unconventional, even as a child and some observers connect this to her mom’s demise when Madonna was only five. Moreover, she resented her dad’s remarriage and disapproved of her stepmother, too. She did well in school, although small acts of rebellion were still apparent. Later, she became a dancer in New York, but her career shifted after meeting a musician and finally decided on a music career.

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