Actress Halle Berry Just Got Dumped For A White Girl! (Meet The Girl That Stole Halle’s Boyfriend) use same image just pink instead of yellow plz

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Y’all, take it from us, it is difficult being beautiful. We know that you can’t see us, as you are reading this and not watching us type it, but take our word for it. It is hard out here for a gorgeous woman.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez


The constant attention. The constant flattery. It really can wear you down after a while. Sure, it is nice to get compliments, but after a while, you start to find it boring and annoying.

Halle Berry


But we suppose that you can get used to it after a while. You get used to men (and women) falling all over themselves to get with you. You might get used to it and complacent. Click next to read more about our terrible plight.

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