17 Actors Who Have Repeatedly Dealt with Gay Rumors 

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Admitting your sexuality to yourself is hard as it is, more so if you are a celebrity with people almost hounding you to decide and admit whether you’re straight or not. Even those celebrities who have kept quiet about their sexuality are still hounded by rumors, some of which only make their public life more difficult. Here are some celebrities who had to dodge gay rumors.

1. Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey

Rumors started about Kevin Spacey being gay when photos of him with some guys in questionable states of undress surfaced. He was also reported to be a victim of mugging at 4am, but what raised eyebrows was the fact that it happened in a park known to be a hangout for gays. His response to all these rumors? “Let people live their lives and do it the way they want to do it.”

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