A Furious Bobby Brown Says: I Want ‘The Fade’ With Kanye For Disrespecting Whitney!

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OH LAWD, YA’LL – LOOKS LIKE WE GOT A CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH ON OUR HANDS! Bobby Brown done come out the woodwork just the make threats on Kanye! If ya’ll ain’t seen the album art that Kanye chose for Pusha-T’s new album, you may want to sit down before you hear this…


Kanye oversaw and produced ALL of Pusha-T’s latest album and the two of them had even done a whole photoshoot and had the album art all set to go! And then AT THE LAST MINUTE, KANYE DONE CHANGED HIS MIND and sent Pusha-T ALL NEW art for his album cover and 1 o’clock in the morning! The picture he chose may shock you…

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