15 Ways You Can Tell Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

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One thing that might always be on your mind is cheating. Is he cheating? Why, when, how is he cheating? If you date an older and/or mature guy he probably won’t cheat, but the truth is it’s a fact of life for many guys out there that cheating is the only way to fulfill their needs. Here is how to tell if your man is one of THOSE guys.

Suddenly He Cares More About How He Looks

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Obviously it’s great that your man looks good, manscapes, and cares about hygiene, but as soon as he starts caring about these things more than usual without an apparent reason… You might have a liar in your bed.

He Smells Like Perfume

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A guy with a manly cologne is enough to sweep anyone off their feet. But today he smells different… It’s not his cologne and it smells like pink or is it Chanel? If your guy smells like no guy, he’s cheating on you. Click Next for more signs!

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