15 things women love but are too afraid to ask from you

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Your girlfriend does so much for you, wouldn’t you like to surprise her with a special treat that makes you look like a mindreader? Every woman is different of course and the best way to know what’s on her mind is to simply ask in a loving, open manner. But more than likely, she’s secretly wanted at least one experience from the fifteen on our list.

Cute Nicknames


Pet names are sweet and silly. They remind her she is special in your eyes and holds an important place in your life.

Sexy Photoshoot


Everyone wants to feel attractive and desirable in their partner’s eyes. Help her see how sexy you find her with a bedroom photoshoot in an outfit that makes her feel her best. Use her phone/camera if she’s timid or consider hiring a professional boudoir photographer to take it to the next level. Click next for more tips!

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