12 Amazing Tricks to Make Your Periods End Faster

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There’s no secret to how annoying a visit from Aunt Flow can be.  For years, folks have been trying to rid themselves of their month fertility reminder – but as it does, nature always prevails. If you ask us, it’s the symptoms that make periods suck.

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For about a week prior to your cycle, you feel bloated and moody.  Some people crave comfort food and sweatpants.  Worse than all of that is the cramping that comes with the natural contraction of the uterus – and trust us when we say we KNOW that pain can be blinding so here’s a list of  tricks that can help you make your period more tolerable.

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There’s power in the food you eat.  Foods that are rich in carotene can shorten the duration of your period.  That means that 7 day flow may not ruin two Friday nights.

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Using Tumeric and another herb called Jaggery, you can make a concoction that will increase the heat inside your body and in turn decrease how long Aunt Flow occupies the guest room.  Mix it in a glass of water and drink it twice per day.

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