10 years after her brother died in a car crash, her parents tell her this on her birthday…

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When we lose someone we love, someone who is truly a part of who we are, how do we continue on? One family made an effort to recover from grief in a way that will warm your heart (but, it might make you want to blow your nose and dab your eyes).

Culture Hook

Monique Salinas was very close to her older brother  – they had a special bond which is unique to their sibling connection. They played together, had similar friends, told each other their stories… do you have a sibling who’s been there for you in almost every way?

Culture Hook

Her brother’s name was Mickey and he was absolutely the best big brother anyone could ask for – and that’s more true than you know yet! Click on through to learn more about how Mickey could keep his family together even after his passing.

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